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Tour in Lucca

Lucca is full of history and culture

Lucca is a beautyfull city, surrounded by Renaissance walls still intact prefect.
The city had also a first medieval wall of which they remain some ancient door as "San Gervasio Door".
San Gerasio door inside the city and other places to visite in Lucca

The city is characteristic having retained much of its medieval charm with its ancient palaces, the doors and the churches.
Lucca is also called "The city of 1 hundred churches"
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Bike paths in Lucca and arounds

There are various bike paths in Lucca and around. One is the ancient walls, on the walls is all bicycle. And it's a wonderful path all around the city in the trees.
The walls of Lucca is a wonderful bike path

There are a lot of possible paths. Go to the Lucca paths pages to discovery others.