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Our bikes

Cicli RAI has bikes for everyone

Kids bikes

Bikes for kids

From 1 to 3 years
width steplizer

From 4 to 8 years
size bicycle 20
1 speed and 6 speeds

We have same bicycles more types (for exemple bmx and mtb).

Boys and girls bikes

size bicycle 24
mtb with 18 speeds
For girl 1 and 6 speeds width basket

City bikes for women

Big bikes for women

Bikes with alluminum frame
very light for nice ride
6 speeds with resizable handlebar.
We have different sizes, from 20 to 28.

City bikes for men

Bikes for men

Bikes with alluminum frame
We have small and big types.
You can choose many possibilities.
6 speeds with resizable handlebar.
Standard size - 28.

Bikes width kid seat

In front until 15 kg.
Back two types:

  • from 15 kg to 22 kg
  • from 20 kg to 25kg

Triler bike

For kids that can't ride bicycle.

Bike width caravan width tow children inside

Bike with back caravan for children

Tandem (double bike)

Tandem: bike for tow persons

for two persons

Bike accessories

Some bike accessories of our shop

All bicycles with lock complete service
Info and maps for city tour in Lucca
Elmets if you want (not compulsary in Italy)
Bike baskets

In our shop we can resizable bicycles to obtain the best position for your ride.